In the editorial article “Electrocardiographic ST-Segment Elevation: A Source of Error of Burden for EPs?” in AJEM 2004;22:120 the title should be “Electrocardiographic ST-Segment Elevation: A Source of Error or Burden for EPs?”
        In the correspondence article “Hyperleukocytosis Presenting as Myocardial Ischemia, Altered Sensorium, and Metabolic Acidosis” in AJEM 2004;22:129 the affiliation for James B. Goldberg, MD and Denis J. Dollard, MD should be Department of Emergency Medicine, Mercy Catholic Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA.
        In the reviews article “Resuscitation of the Morbidly Obese Patient” in AJEM 2004;22:43 the loading dose formula for Propofol in Table 1 should be DW-IBW + 0.4 (TBW-IBW).