Investigation of N-acetylcysteine on contralateral testis tissue injury by experimental testicular torsion: long-term effect

Published:March 11, 2016DOI:



      The aim of the study was to investigate long-term effects of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) on contralateral testes by experimental testicular torsion using histopathologic and biochemical parameters.


      Eighteen rats were randomized and divided into 3 groups. In group 1, the control group (C), laparotomy was performed and the left and right testes were excised 2 months later. In group 2, the torsion and detorsion group (T), the torsion was performed by rotating the left testis 720° to clockwise direction, and then 4 hours later, detorsion was performed; 2 months later, contralateral testes were removed. In group 3, the NAC adding torsion and detorsion group (T+NAC), the torsion was performed by rotating the left testis 720° to clockwise direction, and then 4 hours later, detorsion was performed. N-acetylcysteine was given intraperitoneally 30 minutes before detorsion and following 5 days after detorsion.


      GPx activities were increased in the T and T+NAC groups compared with the control (P = .008 and P = .016, respectively). Seminiferous tubule diameter thickness is decreased in the torsion group compared with the control group and decreased in the T+NAC group compared with the torsion group (P < .05).


      In the long term as implied from the histopathologic findings, NAC has beneficial effects against contralateral testis tissue injury induced by testicular torsion.
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